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Quite simply the best article I've read in... bloddy YEARS, regarding (replace social with...) digital/internet marketing.

"Social media needs to change its pitch. We need to persuade sensible grown ups with grown-up budgets that they can profit from investing in Social Media. That it plays an important role in the marketing mix, not that it’s a panacea, or a replacement for TV."

SADLY... although I've dropped the "nothing new" mantra; this is ONE thing that is nothing NEW. Folks in my circles have been bleating on about digital with reckless abandone for years! - Alas it's tough to be a sane voice when every 5 years there is another wave of "fresh meat" graduating from Marketing 101, embracing all this as NEW, re-inventing the same old metric and revising the lexicography.

I maintain ONE metric, does it put a dollar in your cash register, for LESS than a dollar (how less is dependant on your business plan)...

This medium has given us a lot of magic bullets, extreme targeting, measurement, interaction... extremely contextual reach and a depth of participation unheard of in other medium... but it's nothing in of itself other than an aspect of your posture and presence. AND...

EVEN MORE SADLY, Madison Avenue still does NOT get it, for the most part... I'm starting to believe, after some 20++ years they may never will.

(end vent)

GREAT article :-)